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Personalized Teen Novel - First Bite

Interview with Cinsearae S.

Posted: 6/20/2010

Novel: Boleyn Tudor Vampire

By Kimberly Clark

Picture of Cover of Boleyn Tudor Vampire Novel

V.S: Hi Ms. Santiago! Thank you for sharing your wonderful book with the world. I know true fans of the Vampire genre appreciate it. In this book Anne Boleyn is back from the grave and looking for revenge. It's really a wonderful concept, how often have we all wished that things could have turned out differently for some of our favorite wronged historical figures? Adding a supernatural dimension to it makes it all the better. C.S: Thank you so much for having me here, Kimberly!

Interview with Actor Rafael Pellerin

Posted: 1/13/2010

The Vampire Rafael

By Kimberly Clark
The Vampire Rafael
Actor Rafael Pellerin was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule and give us an interview on what it was like to play a Vampire on The Syfy Channel's hit show "Sanctuary". V.S: How did you get the part? R.P: Casting couch. Just joking. I auditioned for a different part actually. I did the scene where Darrin schools Tesla intellectually. Recombinant DNA and such. While I was saying these incredibly technical words I was trying to build a paper airplane to throw at Tesla to show just how easy it was to figure out his years of data.